Safety is our Priority.

We have you in mind....

We have made significant adjustments to our service model here at Lombardo's and we want you to know about it. 

Things are changing daily.

This will help you continue to stay updated as we transition back into regular service. If you have any questions please message us through the website, call the restaurant or send an email. We will be happy to address any concerns or questions you have. We can't wait to see you!



Send us a message by clicking the "talk circle" in the bottom right corner of this page.

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 Closed                    3-9pm                        3-9pm                        3-9pm                   3-10pm                  3-10pm             11am-9pm
Closing hours are subject to change based on weather conditions and business levels.
Thanks for understanding.

Business Hours


13110 Birch Dr. Omaha, NE 68124

We look forward to taking care of you!