Updated Steps of Service


>> Each member of the staff will be designated a role/task each evening. This will ensure there is zero cross contaminating between each guest/table and our staff.


          1. Host: Greet guests at the door and seat them with fresh printed menus. Sanitize front door handles and host stand between guests. Check bathrooms every 15 to sanitize and clean public areas.

          2. Food Runner: Bring clean, fresh, hot plates from the service kitchen window directly to the table. They will offer salt, pepper or shredded cheese at this time. 

          3. Server: This employee will greet you with fresh ice water, inform you of any specials, and the take your order as you are ready. They will be happy to answer any questions, fill water glasses and check in with you through out your meal to ensure satisfaction. 

          4. Busser: This employee will gather and collect all dirty plates and glasses that are no longer being used at your table. They will return with these dishes to the kitchen to be washed immediately. This employee will be sure to wash hands before returning to the dining room.

          5. Bartender: This employee will be the only person making all drinks for guests enjoying a meal with us. They will be sure to sanitize their area, keep it clean and tidy while maintaining cleanliness through their shift. This employee will have limited access to guests throughout their shift. 

          6. Manager on Duty: This will be the Food Safe Certified Employee that will ensure that all staff is complying to the new standards of service that are being established this week. This may sometimes be the bartender, the food runner, or one of the chefs in the kitchen simultaneously with their assigned tasks

>> Management and hosts will be sanitizing door handles to bathrooms and entrances every 15 minutes & between each guest's arrival.

>> Hand Sanitizer will be readily available at arrival as well as throughout the restaurant during your stay. Antibacterial soap is available in both bathrooms as well as hand sinks for staff.

>> We will be seating every other table to ensure a minimum of 6 feet distance between each. We will maintain 50% capacity. No bar seating allowed - we will designate the bail rail for to-go food pick up.

>> Staff will be wearing masks at all times, as well as gloves when handling food & drinks. Changing gloves between orders and as needed.

>> There will be a certified food handler on duty at all times in the kitchen and in the front of the house to ensure all staff continue to comply with our new sanitation standards

>> We will be printing disposable menus that will be recycled after each use.